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touch your toes

boniqua og
Your Inner Gangsta by crash_and_burn
What is yo name?
Yo gangsta name bePhat Crab Whacka
You ride around in a2004 Chrysler Pacifica
Yo gangThe Yakuza
Yo shoes beBaby-blue Timberlands
Yo dubs be dis big, fool1,028
How much money you got?$5.18202650889366e+26
How gangsta are you, bitch?: 75%
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7/11, asian kids eating watermelon, b-rad & j-ustin, bagels, being jewish, bess, bingo, bob marely, boba, boniqua og, bright child, burning spear, cankles, chewing on straws, chocolate milk, cool shades, cords, curb your enthusiasm, david bowie, degrassi, devon blitz cheerleading, doodie balls, edward scissor hands, escape from alcatraz, fire, fly shoes, friendly people, friends of friends, funny commercials, futons, gangsta nation, george harrison, good piano playing, happiness, henrietta, hummingbirds, hunting, i have no pigment, ice cream, infuzion cafe, jac 4 life, jerry springer, jo face, john lennon, larry david, larry schmidt, lj parties, maury, maxx with two x's, meeting new people, money, mr.d, mr.mandiola, muse, music, my dog, my grandma helen, my grandma leatrice, my neighbor totoro, my new office chair, my turtle, nat's light up shoes, nima, nwa, odb, oprah, paramoremusic, paul mccartney, peter pan, pokemon, poop, postal service, radiohead, renaissance academy, rent, revolver, rich people, ringo starr, risky buisness, rocky raccoon, showers, simon says, sister act 1, sister act 2, sky willie, sleeping, slurpees, soft pillows, sprited away, stuff, summer vacation, tampons, television, the beatles, the cleaning lady, the color orange, the doors, the facts of life, the hill, the monopoly guy, the name game, the rolling stones, the strokes, the white album, things that rhyme, ug-i-oh, ukuleles, venice beach, video games not really, walruses, will rap for food, wittle bwittany